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The History of the Red Bird Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc.

Red Bird Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc. was started as a volunteer fire department in 1979. Our department is the second oldest department in Clay County, Kentucky. The only department older than ours is the Manchester Fire and Rescue, in Manchester, Kentucky. Our department was upgraded to a rescue department in 1983 upon purchase of rescue equipment.

RBVFR is located in Southeastern Kentucky in the Red Bird Valley at Queendale, near the community of Beverly, Kentucky. With the Red Bird Mission, Red Bird Missionary Conference, the Red Bierd Hospital and Red Bird School, fire protection was a major concern in this area. With help from the Red Bird Mission we were able to bring a dream to reality with a fire department in our area. In 1979 a group of men and women started taking training, even though the department was not an Fire Department until October of that same year. This group of people was being trained by Mr. Joe Jones, then Fire Chief at Manchester Fire Department.

The department was started with one truck donated by Black River Fire Department, New York. It was a 1954 Ford/American Lafrance pumper. Throughout the years we have been very fortunate to have received donations of firefighting equipment, including fire engines, from various Fire Departments from New York, Indiana, Ohio,Illinois, Maryland and Kentucky. As newer equipment was received, we donated any excess equipment to the newly formed fire departments surrounding our community.

In May 1988 the Red Bird Mission made a decision to close the ambulance service that was being operated from the Red Bird Medical Clinic. To maintain an ambulance service in our area, we made arraingements with them to purchase two ambulances and started operating the service through our fire department, as a volunteer service. At that time we had 12 emt's in the fire department. We still operate that service, still with volunteers. We have one paramedic and 6 emt's that assist with this service. Through hard work, from our members and supporters from many areas, we have grown our department to 25 members with the equipment shown under the apparatus section.

Our present membership Consists of: 
Clifford Berry, Jr., Chief, Instructor, EMT, Certified Firefighter
John Noble, Assistant Chief, Certified Firefighter
Ruth Ann Bradford, Secretary/Treasurer, EMT, Certified Firefighter
Revelle Berry, Saftey Officer, Instructor, Paramedic, Certified Firefighter
Elaine Noble, Training Officer, Ambulance Service Director, EMT, Certified Firefighter
Gary Howard, Captain, Instructor, Certified Firefighter
James Lawson, Captain, Certified Firefighter
Steven Riddle, Chaplain
Omar Collins, Certified Firefighter
Michael Nick, Certified Firefighter
Lori Bradford, EMT
Johnny Smith, EMT
Adam Roark
Ted Rodney Collett
Cordia Gray
Andrew Howard
Steven Kirchoff
Annette Lucas
Marshall Bodkins
Alan Collins
Lois Asher
Ashley Lawson
Patricia Nick
Korrey Morgan, Junior Firefighter
Nate Smallwood, Junior Firefighter

For More informationin being a part of this department, please contact any of the above members. We invite and encourage anyone in our community to join and help our neighbors in our community.

© 2013 by RBVFR

© 2013 by RBVFR
Michael and Patricia Nick

Michael and Patricia Nick